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Welcome to my page. I am excited that you’ve decided to stop by. As you can see I am a writer.  Please look around and check out my books. They are posted at the top next to the about me section.

I am from the United Kingdom, and live in the North of England. My writing is set all over the world as a reflection of my travels in earlier life, but I do have a particular fondness for setting my work in Celtic regions of the UK. Wales and Scotland both have a particularly fond place in my heart.

I’ve had so many jobs in my time that I can’t list them all here. Suffice to say, I’ve been a burger flipper, cocktail waitress, teacher, worked in marketing, retail, and others. My best ever job was selling kitchens, as I could read for hours every day in the empty showroom, well, until I became a writer that is.

I love to keep in touch with readers and have a newsletter where  I have regular monthly giveaways and news about my writing and new releases from author friends. To sign up clicky here: http://eepurl.com/bdVZ-5

Thanks for stopping by to check out my website,

Skye x

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