Are you plot or character led?

I think we boil down to two different types of reader, those who are plot driven and those who are character driven. Of course a book has to bave both engaging characters and a gripping plot for it to be a really great read, but for many of us one takes precedence over the other.

Game of thrones, for example, has incredible characters that stand out, but it is the richly complex plots that grab many people by the throat. My husband loves huge, plotty books, full of meaty storylines and twists and turns. Whereas I get lost in them. Confused. I forget who is fighting who, and which army is allied with which queen etc.

I tend to be a character driven reader. A book can win me over even if its plot is a tad lacklustre so long as the characters grab me by the throat.

Now personally, I think Jane Austen produced extremely rich books, but a lot of people who dislike her writing complain that nothing much really happens. They don’t have much of a plot. I could argue that this isn’t true, but even if it were, her books would still work for me because of her characters. They are amongst some of the most richly observed of any I have ever read. Never has a heroine grabbed me like Eliza Bennet, or a hero like Darcy. But the book contains so many other brilliant characters. The mother, Mrs. Bennet is one of the greatest comic creations I have ever read. Because I love the characters so much, I can read the book over and over again.

Some of the modern characters I adore are (in no particular order): The Black Dagger Brotherhood. Ty and Zane from Cut and Run. Archer, from Archer’s Voice. And Gideon and Eva from the Crossfire series.

So how about you? Do you need lots of plot? A whole ton of character? Equal amounts of both?

If you prefer plot driven what are some of your fave reads? If you’re a character gal like me, who rocked your world?

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