Guest Post. J.T. Hall with the New Hire!

Today I am pleased to host J.T. Hall with new book of the Hard Hat series!
Title: The New Hire (Book 2 of the Hard Hat series)
Author: J.T. Hall
Length: Short story (7500 words)
Genre: M/M BDSM Romance
Gary’s got a problem with his new hire, Tim. He’s allowed the young, attractive guy to get under his skin, and now he finds that he wants more than just a casual fling. After an incredible night, all he can think of is having more of that innocent flesh, delving deeper into Tim’s submissive tendencies. But first they have to make it through the work day. A construction site is no place for a gay love affair.
Love hasn’t been kind to Gary, who prides himself on being a gruff bear, always in charge, always on his own. As he starts to train young Tim as his sub, however, Gary must decide whether to keep it just sex, or actually allow himself to feel something more.

He’s mad at me. I don’t know what I did, but he’s mad. Or he regrets what happened last week. Tim focused on doing the job right, smoothing the plaster on the drywall so that there were no cracks and no lumps. He might have already messed up when Gary first showed interest in him, but now Tim was more motivated to do a good job and be a good employee in the hopes that he could be with Gary again. He tried not to let Gary ’s gruffness get to him, but it still hurt.
Gary had told him not to expect anything and to just let things be what they wanted to be. To Tim, that meant no pushing. Be patient. Was it too much to ask, though, for some kind of sign? A smile? A brush of the hand?
Tim supposed not.
He didn’t see Gary for the rest of the morning. By lunch, Tim moved slower, his heart heavy. So this was it. Gary would ignore him unless absolutely necessary. Tim wouldn’t get to drool over Gary ’s bear-like body and his sexy mustache. He wouldn’t get to hear Gary ’s deep gravelly voice ordering him around. As the other guys headed to their trucks, Tim hung back, hoping to catch Gary before he left to grab fast food.
Gary emerged from the back of the building, startling Tim. “You,” Gary said in a low voice, his face unreadable. Tim felt a wave of dizziness, nerves probably. Tim walked closer.
He opened his mouth to speak, but Gary glared at him and held a finger to his lips. As soon as Tim was close, Gary stuck out his hand, holding a business card. He shoved it into Tim’s hand. “See you after lunch,” Gary said. Then he quickly walked away.
What the hell?
Tim turned over the card with half a mind to run after Gary and tear into him for this weird standoffish attitude. Then he saw writing on the back of the card. My house, tonight. That was all. And yet, that was everything, wasn’t it?
Frustrated and confused, Tim headed out to his truck to grab his cooler. He really was going to have to get Gary to talk tonight, at least how they should behave at work. He reached his truck, and then realized he’d forgotten to lock it up.
On the driver’s seat there was a box. Another card was stuck in the top flap, with more writing. Put this in during your lunch break. You better be wearing it when I check.
Tim’s cock stiffened instantly, and his mind whirled. He could almost hear the words in Gary ’s gruff tone. He carefully opened the box. “Put it in,” the note said. Not “on.” Did that mean what he thought it did?
Inside the box he found a medium-sized butt plug. Tim’s knees went weak, and his ass clenched. Holy hell! He was supposed to wear that and work? For the rest of the day? How was that going to feel? One thing was for sure, he’d be thinking about Gary ’s cock up his ass until quitting time. Just like Gary wanted.
He picked up the plug and carefully put it inside his lunchbox. Also in the box was a small packet of lube, which he stuck in his pocket. Good thing this was a corporate job, and there were other businesses nearby. He’d have access to a real bathroom and not just a porta-potty.
If Gary was going to do stuff like this to him on a regular basis, Tim was going to have a perpetual boner.
Adjusting himself, Tim headed for the restroom to go prepare himself.
About the Author:
J.T. Hall has a bachelor degree in Creative Writing and a Master in Education. She has long been active in the LGBT community and does charity work including AIDS education and suicide prevention. She currently works as a technical writer and lives with her partner and teenaged daughter in sunny Arizona.

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