Writing progress

Things have been a little slow writing wise, due to health issues at casa Jones. But I’m slowly getting my mojo back.

I have finished the sequels to Wolves At the Door, the M/F shifter romance featured in the Shifers Gone Alpha boxset. Now they need a lot of edits. I am wondering about doing a spin off series from the Wolves at the Door world. I have an idea that won’t leave me alone.

I have the third in the Wild Hunters world sketched out, but not written yet. This was going to be Will and Hawk’s story, but as I’ve been doing character work and plotting, it is morphing from a m/m to a m/m/f romance. This is due to Hawk, who so far is a bit of a b*******d. Will needs someone to share with him the ups and downs of trying to tame Hawk. My characters always seem to throw a spanner into the works of the story arcs I have planned for them.

I also have a burning desire to write Kate’s story, (Aeron’s mother from Claimed by Desire, Wild Hunters 2) and she wasn’t intended to have her own book.

Reading wise, I am currently having a break from my Kristen Ashley binge – so I will have some left to read! I’ve started a couple of dark new adult novels, and I have a whole ton of books lined up on my kindle. Plus a ton of reviews to get up on Goodreads, which I am horribly behind on!

What are you reading right now?

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