The Snarkology Halloween Hop!

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Welcome to the Snarkology Halloween hop!!

Snarkology Halloween Blog Hop 2015

We have giveaways, fun blog posts and so much more.

This year we have some amazing authors participating.

So get ready to trick, treat, and party with us! October 26-31st.

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Okay – my post this hop is a list of my fave scary reads.

So scary it’s good!

I mostly read romance but every now and again I like to cross to the dark side and read me some scary stuff! The following books are my favorites. *For a chance to win an e-copy of one of my books comment here at my blog and tell me your fave scary/gothic/dark reads.* I will pick three winners at random on the 1st November and they can choose an e-book.

First on my list is the brilliant but horrifying, Cujo, by Stephen King.


It’s difficult for me to choose between this and Salems Lot. Both are utterly terrifying, but Cujo is so relentless. You get this feeling while you are reading it of being tied down to the train tracks and knowing something is coming at you full speed, but you’re unable to get off the damn tracks. It’s sad as well as scary.

Dark Matter, by Michelle Paver.

dark matter

This book is so good. It’s short and succinct but scary as hell. It’s also pretty much one of the most atmospheric books I’ve ever read. It is set in the Arctic Circle when the daylight is fading and endless night is upon the land! A group of explorers are doing scientific work there and are alone in a log cabin in the wilderness. This book really drew me in. It’s a slow build, creepy horror but so much more. It also says a lot about the time the book is set in, and about class, and unrequited love! It has it all πŸ™‚

The Terror, by Dan Simmons.

the terror

Another book set in the arctic. This novel got me really interested in the doomed Franklin expedition to find the Northwest Passage. Simmons takes a factual (and already horrifying) tale and weaves it with spiritual elements, ghostly goings on, and strange monsters. It’s a long read, but it’s a really good one full of historic detail.

Little Red Riding Hood.

ittle red riding hood

What? A kids story! But this is a scary story when you really think about it. In fact earlier versions are rumored to be so much darker. In earlier tales the wolf cooks the grandma and serves her up to Red! Other early versions have Red getting into bed with the wolf naked. In some of the older folklore myths, the wolf is more akin to a werewolf. I was obsessed with this story as a kid. When I became a teenager I read the Angela Carter take on the tale – The Company of Wolves. In this the sexual undertones are front and center. Is it any wonder I ended up writing shifters πŸ˜‰

My own novella – Wolves at the Door has a nod to the red riding hood stories, and has a touch of horror to it amongst the erotic romance. It’s available as part of the Shifters Gone Alpha boxset, but is soon to be re-released on its own with added scenes and a new chapter.

And if you like Dragon Shifters, be sure to check out a new anthology that I’m part of. Flight of Dragons features ten fiery dragon tales from a group of fantastic authors.


My own story in the set is hot MMF menage. We’ve been getting some rave reviews and it is only $0.99 – for a limited period of time. Check it out here at Amazon:

That’s all from me for now. Check out the other blogs and don’t forget the main giveaway. Comment here for chance to win an ebook! Happy Halloween hopping.

34 thoughts on “The Snarkology Halloween Hop!

    • Thanks for commenting Debbie. I don’t read them too often as they do actually scare me quite a bit – sometimes I wonder why I do it to myself lol – but every now and again I read one for the thrill ha ha. Good luck with the giveaways πŸ™‚ xx

    • Hi Kristi. Thanks for dropping by πŸ™‚ I love Poltergeist! OMG so scary but such a good film. I’ve never seent It. Will have to look it up! Good luck in the draw,
      Skye x

  1. My favorite scary story to read is Pet Semetary by Stephen King. It reminds me of the scary stories we used to tell as kids. It still scares me today. I’m always like don’t open the door! Lol! Thanks for the chance.

    • Aghhh!! Diann! Lol, you’ve reminded me of the scariest thing ever. Zelda!! I had such a terror of her when little. I haven’t actually read the book but watched the film – well not all of it. I had to turn it off when Zelda popped up lol.
      Thanks for commenting – and good luck!

      Skye xx

    • I’ve never read Amityville Horror – although I have seen the film. yeah and Pet Cenetary seems a super scary fave!! Thanks for taking part and good luck! πŸ™‚

  2. I love horror, and I’m an avid Stephen King fan. Two of his books rate at the top of my top three favorites and his son’s book is the third. Or maybe his son’s book passes one of the other books. I can be really certain. I love King’s It and The Shining. These are the scariest of his books, to me. The other book in my list of favorites is Joe Hill’s The Heart-Shaped Box. Thank you for a wonderful giveaway. I love shifters, so I really appreciate the chance to win one of your books. michelle_willms at yahoo dot com

    • Aggh – Michelle – I have Heart Shaped Box and I got sooooo scared reading it I had to stop lol. I keep meaning to try it again but so far have never dared. Thanks so much for taking part and good luck with the giveaway! πŸ˜€

  3. Anita Blake Vampire Hunter novels. Gave up King after a run of Thinner, Misery and Needful things (too dark and depressing).
    Loving Flight of Dragons – recommend it!!

    • Thinner is pretty depressing. Misery is brilliant but so dark! Thanks so much for commenting – and good luck with the draw. And yay! You like Flight of Dragons – thanks for letting me know πŸ˜€ x

  4. I haven’t read any dark/thriller books yet, so I guess it’s about time… I think the most scary thing I have read until now is Harry Potter xD

  5. I don’t do so well with scary reads or movies, I’m such a wimp! I tried reading a few books by Lincoln Child and Douglas Preston and I couldn’t get a full night’s sleep for over a week!

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