Lookee what I got! And a great author interview at Paranormal Romance Lovers.

Hey guys,

Check out this amazing little book I picked up yesterday:


It has so many tales of old British legends. The chapter I’m most interested in is the one on Dragons. The Romans in the British Isles used to have a military standard topped by a dragon. Reconstructions of the standard often use red cloth as this was the color of the Roman army uniforms. It has been speculated that this is the origin of the Welsh dragon, said to have been the battle standard for King Arthur!


There’s heaps more interesting dragon facts, and some of them may be finding their way into future books!

Last but by no means least, check out this awesome interview with PNR author, Elizabeth Varlet over at Paranormal Romance Lovers. What a cool lady she is! http://pnrlovers.com/interview-with-author-elizabeth-varlet/

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