Two fantastic blog posts, and a giveaway! @wolfpackreads

Hey all,

Today I bring you two great blog posts.

wolfpack graphic

The first is from author Melissa Snark and is a funny take on some of the wolf shifter / werewolf tropes common in the genre. I highly recommend having a read here:

Second, we have the fantastic Shifted Obsessions, by C.E. Black. Go check it out ASAP!!Cover-Reveal-Giveaway-Shifted-Obsessions/c1q8z/561561b20cf2a7bb74ccc9d1

Giveaway!! Today I am offering to giveaway three reader copies of either of my two books out so far in the Wild Hunter series. Claimed by Love or Claimed by Desire. In order for a chance to win just drop me a line telling me what the weather is like where you are.

We have gales and rain today here in Blighty. I hope wherever you are reading this from the weather is treating you a little more kindly. Let me know in the comments and I will pick three winners on Monday!

Skye x

4 thoughts on “Two fantastic blog posts, and a giveaway! @wolfpackreads

    • Thanks for commenting and congrats on winning a copy of whichever of my books in the Wild Hunters series you would prefer. Can you let me know an email addy – or email me at an let me know what format you’d like to recieve the book in and which you’d prefer? Thanks for taking part! 🙂

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